I am a professional software engineer with 35 years experience designing and developing commercial software products and providing technology consulting services for a wide variety of industries.   My areas of expertise cover all phases of implementing technology in small to medium-sized business environments, from analysis and planning to hands-on development and deployment.   I have a diverse set of skills that cover the most common current technologies, and a versatile "common-sense" approach to implementing technology in a small business environment.

To explain what I mean by that, below I have detailed my skills and areas of expertise; what I can offer your organization and how it can help you.   But first and most importantly I describe how I conduct myself and the philosophy that directs my actions.   After that I also include a few brief summaries of some recent projects which should provide a basic idea of my capabilities.   But please keep in mind that no two projects are ever the same, and success never comes from what knowledge we already have but rather how quickly we can learn new things and adapt.

I am currently available to assist a small locally-owned business with their technology needs.   I will consider a wide variety of projects and project roles and have a unique flexibility regarding the terms of my involvement.   Meaning I do not have requirements regarding the amount of work or compensation for my services (the section below explains further).   If after reading this page you would like to discuss your technology needs, or a project you have, or if you just have questions my contact information is at the bottom of the page.   I welcome all inquiries, and if I cannot help you directly I may be able to at least offer some advice or recommendations.

     My Business & Technology Philosophy
My business philosophy has always been to operate in a socially responsible manner, where honesty and fairness are never compromised for profit.    My goal is to offer my expertise to small locally-owned businesses as well as non-profit organizations, focusing on using my skills to help other socially-conscious organizations.    Profit is never my top priority, and I have the flexibility to be able to make myself affordable to ANY organization that seeks my help.    Including providing my services on a volunteer basis at no cost whatsoever when necessary.

My philosophy about technology has always been to deploy only as much technology as is necessary and only when to do so creates tangible benefits to the business.    And that includes making the technology affordable for the business, and more to the point, making the expertise necessary to use the technology also affordable.   As an entrepreneur and former business-owner I bring a unique perspective and solid business background into the picture, and not just technology expertise.

Lastly, I select projects based on my interest and comfort level with the client, NOT on how much money I might make.    So if you are a small business or a 501c3 non-profit organization and need someone who is experienced with a proven track record to help you with your organization's technology needs, whether that means infrastructure design/planning or simple software development, I may be able to help.

     What types of services can I provide?
Software Development

    ▰ Server Software - Local Service, Web-Based Service, Distributed Network Services
    ▰ Analysis - Requirements Document, Budgeting, Asset-Lifespan Planning
    ▰ Design - Software Architecture, User Interface Design, "Sane Deployment of Technology"
    ▰ Programming - Object-Oriented, N-Tier, Desktop (Rich Client), Web-Based
    ▰ Project Management - Team Management, Resource Scheduling, Planning & Timelines
    ▰ Implementation - Initial Rollout, Migration, Upgrades
    ▰ Software Library Management - Versioning, Life-Cycle Control
    ▰ Support - Call Center / Help Desk Training & Outsourcing, Per-Incident Technical Support
    ▰ Maintenance - Technology Updates, Problem Resolution, Product Updates/Rollout
    ▰ Training - Skillset Building for In-House Developers

Technology Consulting

    ▰ Recommendation, Planning, Design & Implementation
    ▰ Network & Infrastructure Design
    ▰ Security Policy Creation
    ▰ Server Specification & Deployment
    ▰ Workstation/Client Specification
    ▰ Software Architecture & Design
    ▰ Software Development
    ▰ Evaluation of Existing Technology
    ▰ Protection of Assets (Intellectual Property Rights)
    ▰ Business Process Automation (Procedural Analysis & Documentation)

     What specific technologies do I use?
Windows Platform

    ▰ Front-End Languages: c#, Java
    ▰ Front-End Technologies: Windows Forms, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
    ▰ Back-End Languages: c#/Dotnet, Java, PHP
    ▰ Web-Server Technologies: Microsoft IIS, Active Server Pages (ASP), WCF
    ▰ Web-Server Frameworks: Node.js, Angular, Bootstrap
    ▰ Web-Site Development: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery
    ▰ Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL

Linux/Unix Platforms

Hardware can be traditional Intel-based workstations/servers, or IoT (Internet of Things)
embedded devices such as the Raspberry Pi platform and the Onion Omega2.

    ▰ Hardware Technologies: GPIO, LCD/TFT
    ▰ Front-End Languages: Java, Swing, Python, Xojo
    ▰ Back-End Languages: Java, PHP, Python, Perl, Shell Script
    ▰ Server Technologies: Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Java Server Pages & Servlets
    ▰ Web-Server Frameworks: Node.js, Angular, Bootstrap
    ▰ Web-Site Development: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery
    ▰ Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

     What have I done recently?     Here is some of my past work.
Tiny Computer with Huge Power for Small Business

This web-site is hosted on a computer that can fit in the palm of your hand, requires no keyboard or monitor, makes no noise, and was purchased for $30.   It runs entirely on open-source software, freely available, that is universally accepted as the most powerful and secure software in the world.   Just ask Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, even Apple and Microsoft!
Every major web-site on the internet uses the same software our $30 tiny computer is using to bring this web-site to you!

This tiny computer can control your home security system or industrial equipment, turn on your lights or play you a song.   You can use it to write a letter or surf the web, watch a video or send an email.   It can run a kiosk at the mall, or a milling machine that creates beautiful furniture.

This tiny little computer is the most versatile and cost-effective computer ever created.

And it is a real live example of my philosophy about technology:
•    Technology doesn't have to cost a fortune, it doesn't have to be fancy or be the latest craze.
•    And it doesn't have to be painful to use. Ever.
•    It just has to do the job as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.
•    No glitz, no gimmicks, no nifty acronyms or buzz-words.
•    It's as simple as that.

If you want to learn more about this tiny inexpensive computer click here for more details.

Water Purification Control System  (uses the tiny computer above)

The Raspberry Pi can control an infinite number of devices and machines, from home automation to lathe/cnc machines to higher tech devices such as the water purifiction system I was hired to develop control software for using a Raspberry Pi 3B. These water purifiction systems had several different hardware components and some very complex functionality. And since the water produced by the systems had to be fit for human consumption there were strict requirements and very little tolerance in measurement. The software I created for these devices, thanks to the Raspberry Pi, was built using industry standard development technologies and 100% open-source software. (Linux, Java etc.)

If you want to learn more about this project click here for more details.

Law Firm Management System  (LINSY)

Law firm management N-tier application for small to medium-sized law firms. Manages client information, case/matter information, document management using MS-Word, PDF files, and any document type. time & billing, invoicing, calendar/scheduling etc. and much more.

If you want to learn more about this project click here for more details.

Applications Development Framework  (AppBuilder)

AppBuilder is collection of libraries written in c#/dotNet which together form a framework which allows developers and end-users alike to build complex and powerful database applications in the smallest fraction of the time it would take using traditional techniques. The framework provides ready-to-use components and a large collection of tools and functions that save the programmer from the the tedium of repetitive code or basic functionality such as "save this customer record to the database". With AppBuilder no code is necessary for the vast majority of common functions, and in fact an entire fully-functional application can easily be created in a matter of hours instead of months.
AppBuilder is the result of over two decades of work by a small team of developers and has been in production use since 09/2000.

If you want to learn more about the AppBuilder project click here for more details.

Project Agnes  (Universal Data Management)

Project Agnes is an open-source project built around a Windows application that provides file & data management for more than local files/folders. This application allows a user to manage all related data, regardless of location, type of data or protocol used to access it. The user can manage files/folders on their local computer, as well as other data elements such as EMail or cloud storage as well as databases and many other types of data. And the method of access is always the same regardless of which data items the user is working with.

If you want to learn more about Project Agnes click here for more details.

Title Insurance Document Management  (Titleriter)

Titleriter was an application which made it easy and quick for a real-estate title insurance company (or it's agents) to create and manage title insurance documents, which included elements such as commitment letters, abstracts and title insurance policies. The software was tightly integrated with Microsoft Word for the document editing (word processing) process but used a database to store and manage the data and files. This eliminated the most common problem faced by any business that used word processing and generated volumes of documents: That is, how to keep track of them and make it fast & easy for users to search and find the correct document. Titleriter automated that creation of documents but also their management and tracking so that searching was intrinsic and effortless.

If you want to learn more about this project click here for more details.

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