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     AppBuilder - Applications Development Framework
AppBuilder is collection of libraries written in c#/dotNet which together form a framework which allows developers and end-users alike to build complex and powerful database applications in the smallest fraction of the time it would take using traditional techniques. The framework provides ready-to-use components and a large collection of tools and functions that save the programmer from the the tedium of repetitive code or basic functionality such as "save this customer record to the database". With AppBuilder no code is necessary for the vast majority of common functions, and in fact an entire fully-functional application can easily be created in a matter of hours instead of months.
AppBuilder is the result of over two decades of work by a small team of developers and has been in production use since 09/2000.

To use an analogy let's consider a contractor who builds houses. AppBuilder provides a foundation and basement so the contractor can begin immediately constructing walls etc.. AppBuilder also provides pre-hung doors and windows, floor joists and roof trusses and pre-fabricated stairs, as well as ready-made counter-tops. Imagine how much longer it would take a contractor who had to create all those components from scratch?!

AppBuilder provides an intuitive and powerful user interface to allow developers and end-users alike to "design" their application without having to write a single line of code. This includes the creation of all database elements and their relationship to the program!

When more complex functionality is required, the developer can write c# or code just as they would when creating any other application while still taking advantage of AppBuilder's builtin features. AppBuilder also includes many standalone libraries such as the 'Secure Data' library that provides security and encryption, an advanced database management library and many more tools and utilities.

Below are some screenshots of the AppBuilder Designer in action, which allow the developer to set the properties of all components of the application as well as to build the underlying database objects. All within a single unified interface.

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