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     Raspberry Pi - A Tiny Computer with Huge Power!
The Raspberry Pi can control an infinite number of devices and machines, from home automation to lathe/cnc machines to higher tech devices such as the water purifiction system I was hired to develop control software for using a Raspberry Pi 3B. These water purifiction systems had several different hardware components and some very complex functionality. And since the water produced by the systems had to be fit for human consumption there were strict requirements and very little tolerance in measurement. The software I created for these devices, thanks to the Raspberry Pi, was built using industry standard development technologies and 100% open-source software. (Linux, Java etc.)

The Raspberry Pi platform offers a low-cost yet highly-functional control/processing component that is as versatile as any computing device ever created. It operates on 100% open-source software based on the Linux operating system and has a massive worldwide development community. The latest Raspberry Pi can function as a powerful desktop computer or dedicated server, it can control hardware devices/machines and it can connect them to each other and the internet. For under $40 it's simply amazing. The only downside to this technology? The expertise required to make full use of a Pi and to integrate it into your business infrastructure is nowhere near as common or readily available as the thousand-pound gorilla we all know as Microsoft with Windows and related technologies being the overwhelming leader. However that situation will, without a shadow of doubt, be changing in the next few years.
On a professional level I would not hesitate to deploy the Raspberry Pi (*) platform in most business environments for a variety of purposes.
(*) There are products similar to the Raspberry Pi such as the Onion Omega2 which I am including in my statements as the Omega2 is also an incredible platform with many of the same characteristics as the Pi.

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